Find PANDA Chinese Restaurant

While we are grateful for our sponsors and partners’ co-operation, we strive to provide support to them to do our part in increasing the amount of customers to the various venues.

We believe that as tenanats, our responsibility to the landlords does not stop at simply paying the rent. We have the responsiblity to be an attraction to customer traffic, not only to our own shops, but to the entire retail establishment. We study and design specific products, catered to different locations, to ensure this appeal.

We invest heavily in marketing, branding, and advertising, and we organize numerous events to promote our image. Besides promoting our own brands, we often also include our partners in our promotional efforts to contribute to the growth of their establishments.

A common sight in all food courts we are located in is that customers simply prefer our brand. They recognize our authenticity and quality of food. When stacked up to other competitors, our brand always stands out as the preferred choice when it comes to Chinese food or any other Far Eastern food.

PANDA Chinese Restaurant at the following locations:
  • City Centre Deira
  • Sharjah City Centre
  • Ajman City Centre
  • Mirdif City Centre
  • Mall of the Emirates
  • Dubai Outlet Mall
  • Dubai Mall